KST stands for Korea Standard Time and is often used in international contexts when it comes to for example arranging meetings with persons in other timezones such as WET (Western Europe Time).
"The video is uploaded at 8pm KST."
"I'll call you back at 10am KST."
by nextyear June 14, 2017
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Kyle Standard Time Zone, normal time but multiplied by 4.5 in order to have you wait an inconvenient amount of time.
Friend: “Hey when you going to be online to game”
Kyle: “I’ll be on very soon in about 10 minutes KST”
Friend: “Ok, see you on in about 45 minutes or maybe even an hour”
Kyle: “3 hours later I’ll hit you up
by DeLuSiiV January 25, 2022
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A group of kid's from a small town who know they down. also stands for kids who smoke tree's and it is "tsk" backward's and they are there rival's.
by lowlow55 May 4, 2009
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KST was a pencil tagging crew at eastern Helsinki high school (Vesala) during mid 1990s.

It was short for "Kyllä Suti Tietää" (engl. Suti knows), referring to right wing politician Sulo "Suti" Aittoniemi. The rivaling crew was called GLS.
by pottu October 11, 2021
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Dude you're so drunk, you definitely need to KST it!
by KST LADIES 05 February 16, 2006
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Kade Standard Time:
+1hour on Standard time

"I'll be there at 7.30" Arrives at 8.30
Will that be KST?
by ShedbyB March 30, 2018
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