This word is nothing, but the reversed version of Bray.
Matt: Hey Larry, what does Yarb mean?
Larry: Well, it's funny you should ask...
Matt: ???
Larry: It's the word Bray spelled backwards.
by PlayDumbGamesWinDumbPrizes January 28, 2021
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It's when a middle aged woman named Barb yells at you for not not living a healthy life and/or being stupid. She will often have the look of death in her eyes, so it is advised not to make eye contact. Do not try to argue your way out because your attempt is futile. The best way to handle a yarb is to bring your head close to your chest, and every so often say "Yes". She has no weakness, so may God have mercy on your soul.
This woman is going to yarb me for making racist jokes
by JDubbs11 May 26, 2011
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Abbreviation: Young And Rich Bitch. #yarb

Yarb is more just a hashtag. Picture someone posting a photo of themselves on a yacht #yarb
by Ragesaurus Rex August 05, 2016
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The act of turning a nasty sentence back to the person it's coming from, or to turn a normal joke on a person. Commonly used with the word beat which means to have sex, or fuck.
Brian: Hey Hayden, you remember Mrs. Hamilton.
Hayden: Yarb.
Brian: Fuck you.

Trey: Brandon, you beat that fat black grizzly woman
Brandon: Yarb!
Trey: shit.
by DaphneTrojanMan February 17, 2010
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Any music written by an obnoxious artist whose lyrics are not understood by most normal people.
"Pearl Jam, WTF is he saying? Now that's Yarb Music!!"
by enlightened musician December 27, 2009
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