A supporter of Hearts of Midlothian Football club or HOMFC as it is commonly abbreviated. A fellow of limited mental capacity.
by RmR1875 November 03, 2006
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yam:in the northeastern u.s.-derogatory term to describe inner city blacks-mostly used by older white men(old school)
son of bitch!!!those yams stole my fucking hub caps again!!!
by zara316 March 19, 2009
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1. to take the largest possible shit one can take (especially when drunk) and flood both the bathroom in which it was taken and the neighbour’s bathroom

2. to cause massive drunken property damage, specifically to flood someone’s bathroom
“dude I totally yammed last night”
“be careful with those burritos, you don’t want to yam up the bathroom”
by cornellstudent December 02, 2019
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When something hits you with something and you use that thing to hit it back.
A man stabs you in the back with his shiny knife and you yam him by grabbing the knife that the man stabbed you with and stab him back.
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by Epik no more September 29, 2019
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The fat that hangs over a girls leg while wearing jean shorts. Almost like a Muffin Top on their legs.
Dude, Did you see the YAMS Mary had at the park?
by Didiano November 03, 2011
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