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A name to describe someone who is truly amazing. someone who is there for you and will always be there no matter. anyone named “yalda” is beautiful and strong minded, always willing to do whatever it takes to fight for what they believe in. if you find somebody named yalda, they will be one of the most amazing people you will ever meet and you will never forget them.
wow, who is she...?
that’s yalda, isn’t she beautiful?
by chai chai ☕️ November 26, 2017
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The longest night of the year in the Persian language.

Iranians celebrate Yalda by staying up late (could stretch to the whole night), eating fruits and nuts, and welcoming longer days to the warmth of the spring.
Happy Yalda
by Alireza zand August 06, 2008
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an awesome girl, who's normally iranian, and likes tall hobos called rehaan, normally someone who is of a weird nature, and likes to laugh a lot, normally quite pretty but at the same time kinda ugs... awkward... normally someone who you can tell all your secrets to, and normally a VERY trustworthy person.

This person is super hot and sexy, and if you let her, she'll take over your life <3
Snehal: so like this guy is sooo hot!

Yalda: hahah i know!

Snehal: Don't tell anyone!

Yalda: don't worry! I'm a yalda!
by awkies123456 September 05, 2011
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One who is fierce, persian, has a great sense of style, a great booty and large persian tits
Anna: Damn, did you see that Yalda today? She look good!
by Annarib January 04, 2010
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a girl who has hugly masssive size boobs and tries to get a bigger booty by eating lost of fast food and a gurl who doesnt need to go on her knees to suck off a guy shes already short enough:)
" look at the girl she has huge YALDAS"
by shanat December 09, 2006
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