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rehaan is a guy full of confusion. he can make you happy sometimes, but he can also make you feel like shit. he's a flirt, thats for sure. but his intentions are pure, never exactly meant to hurt you, it just happens. he's kind, and he's funny. but he's also best friend material. he listens, and sometimes he'll talk, but only when you feel its your turn to listen. he has this hard shell wrapped around him. he potrays something different to different people. maybe getting yourself involved with rehaan isnt the best idea. but youll never know what your missing out on if you dont, right?
"he's kind, i just wish he wasnt so straightfoward."
"oh. you talking bout rehaan?"
by forever&always? January 16, 2018
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A gate of heaven
Arabic translation
If you have good deeds, you may get a chance to reach rehaan
by Abdulrahman April 20, 2018
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