So lord is an exotic phrase originating in an ancient extraterrestrial language transcribed from Egyptian hieroglyphs. The extraterrestrials which were said to use this ominous phrase are believed to be the same ones which helped build the pyramids and also introduced humans to broccoli, an ancient space delicacy farmed by these beings.

the word has recently been popularised by the cross alien and broccoli creature named jimmy parry. she is one of the most rarest species in the world and we advise you stay clear from her otherwise she will try and graft you and flex to you!!!

as you know jimmy is a very famous person... you may recognise her from your roast dinner or the movie ET! she has alien like features with a mop of spaghetti on her head which also looks like a brocoli👽 🥦

she has garnered a lot of attention recently as she was spotted flying her ufo and taking her girlfriend abbie to ‘uranus’.

Although outdated, so lord can be used in a variety of ways to describe emotion, such as “so lord I’m in the mood for some broccoli” or “if we don’t get to watch ET soon so lord i’ll be upset”

So lord is also used commonly along with the ancient space emoji “🙈” and can typically be located in Abbie’s dms.
so lord i love driving lessons and my gf abbie so much🙈🙈🙈
by senpai sofie August 24, 2020
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