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Girl 1: Wow!!!
Girl 2: What?
Girl 1: It's YAHYE!!!
Girl 2: What you are joking the super handsome boy YAHYE!!!
Girl 1: Yeah he is sooo handsome, lets ask him out to hang out with us.
by TheFallenSlayer November 28, 2016
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Someone who is very attractive, and knows how to pleasure women extremely well. He's also very passionate, smart, and athletic. Often of Somali or Arab descent.
You see that guy over there? Good looking, smart, and buff, that's how you that's a Yahye.
by *chill October 25, 2016
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An awesome guy who gets TONS of coochie

he also has many great freinds
Girl 1: hey look! its YAHYE
Every girl imaginable: oh, i gave him head before
Me: o yeah they did
by Poppo l oqqoq May 29, 2019
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Ugly ass muda fucka who doesn’t know what he is talking about. Often thinks he is 10 men.
β€œDon’t try and act like a yahye”
by Raaah234 November 28, 2018
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