Official name of the asshats from foreign countries (typically Nigeria) who send you false emails to exploit your wallet.
"Oh sweet! My long lost cousin just sent me forty grand via email! It only cost me 300 for transaction fees wired to his account...but I'm getting forty grand! "
"Dude, you just got jipped by a f*cking Yahoo-boy from Nigeria!"
by TorturedAngel101 June 6, 2017
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Nigerian men who will finnese your life with fraud if you get robed u are a complete eediat
Gbenga:Oga im part of the Yahoo boys
Seun;pls dont fraud me
by Mandemlikefiyin May 3, 2019
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A person that does shady deal using the internet as a medium for communicating
Seun:Did you see the 22's on that guys seven forty fizai (BMW 745)
Shola:What do you expect from a yahoo boy
by Shadex October 28, 2005
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An Internet Scammer from Nigeria

Who deceives foreigners (especially Americans) online to send him money and valuable items through various dubious means
They actually get quite rich thanks to the exchange rate of a Dollar to Naira (Nigerian currency)
ChiGozie: Abbas bought a new car

Muneera: yeah i heard so , Abbas is now a yahoo boy
by Alade August 14, 2021
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