A “Muneera” is one of the best people you’ll ever meet, she probably has middle eastern features and loves her culture, she also is dedicated to whatever she puts her mind to. She’s very enjoyable to be around and lights up every room she walks in.
“Hey are you friends with Muneera??”
I heard she’s one of the funnest people to be around”
by user9797 March 16, 2020
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"Muneera is usually used as a name in Arabic which means "bright".However, one can use it in a sentence to describe an object that is bright. The name "Muneera" is usually used for a female, but it also can be used for a male however it will be used as "Muneer" without the last letter which doesn't change the meaning of the word. Although the name is very common in an Arab country,it is still not as popular as the name "Mohammed".
You look so Muneera today with your bright clothes.
Your smile is very Muneera.
by LovelyName August 3, 2012
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Muneera is a name of a female who can maneuver her way through society. She is a social butterfly, has an adaptive personality and is able to manage her time perfectly with her work and her family and friends’ time. She does not like conflict with beloved ones, because she is very keen on trying to keep life a happy place for her and her beloved ones. She might have difficulty in communicating her thoughts during tough times, but she only and always means well. Muneera is a sunshine to big family/friends’ gatherings. She is someone who you can communicate your problems with, knowing that you will not be judged by her.
“Muneera is lovely!”
“Muneera is cute
by November 22, 2021
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