A ship name between “Yae miko” and “Kamisato Ayato”. Two characters from Genshin Impact.
Person A: Hey, what’s your opinion about yaeyato?

Person B: It’s a cute ship! But it’s not for me
by Neutralperson February 23, 2022
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The worst ship to ever exist in genshin
Person 1: “I ship yaeyato

Person 2: “You should be in a mental hospital
by Bestopinionmaker May 27, 2022
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the middest ship in genshin impact. its shippers are known as the biggest clowns to exist.
"hey do you know yaeyato"
"yes its below mid"
by almondmilk123 March 28, 2022
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nasty ass ship from genshin impact between “ayato” and “yae miko
friend: hey what do you think about yaeyato?
other friend: it’s gross and nasty eimiko canon
by yaemikoworlddomination February 22, 2022
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