Yae Miko is the most beautiful women in genshin impact that I ever seen. Pls come home Yae omg I have 25k primogems for you mmm just pls come home my beautiful queen.
A: Who is Yae Miko?
B: she is the most beautiful women in genshin impact.
A: ok Yae simp.
by Noami_chqnn August 19, 2021
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Yae miko is the most beautiful woman in the world. She solos ALL ur favs. Love yae miko
omg! Yae Miko’s banner is out! Let’s pull for her!
by yaemiko.is.hot January 2, 2022
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Hottest bitch alive. A very sexy and fine women from Mobile game Genshin Impact by Hoyoverse. She is a Fox shrine maiden. And Raiden Ei’s gf 💯💯💯 (Real not fake)
Person 1: woah hold up who is that HOT babe??
Person 2: that’s Yae Miko the HOTTEST babe the shrine maiden of the narukami shrine
by MikoLover December 12, 2022
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one of the few best women in genshin impact. would sacrifice my family's and my life for you. please come home. i beg. ps. plz give me ur hand in marriage
by queerfay January 4, 2022
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Yae miko is such a pretty hot and beautiful woman in genshin.

She is my wife and my life Im so gay for her 😍.

The things I would let her do to me is not normal if she stabs me ill be glad and sorry that she had to dirty her knife. If she chokes me I die happily in the hands of Yae. She can put those godblessed hand and fingers up to my PUSSA-
Also tiddies i want to be burried in there they look so soft. I would sell my family if i dind't get Yae I would sacrifice my money and give up my f2p staus for Yae Miko. I would sell my body parts for Yae Miko. I am breathing the same air as her and so am i blessed by Yae Miko. I need to pay my daily Yae miko rent so I have to go
I got her in genshin at pity 20 after losing 50/50 to jean I got so many things ready for her I even had Ei standing next me SO GOOD LUCK TO YOU IF YOU WANT HER!!!😆 OR ANYONE ELSE
also i ahve a nromal mind 😒:
I want the be pampered up by yae And cuddle with her fox form☹️<3(Im ok, my gay is not showing its not so stop syaing it does😞)
Person 1: Hey did you see that hot mama at the shrine talking with the traveler and the shogan?
me: Yae Miko?
Yae Miko: Yes My name is Yae miko
me: Yes mommy
by becauseIsayYes February 19, 2022
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the hottest mf in genshin impact. she is such a mommy that i will let her devour me without a doubt in my mind. if she tried to kill me i would apologize for getting blood on her. i would pay her just to be withing 50 feet of her. i would give my life just to breath the same air as her.
yae miko is hot asf. me want her tiddies
by maxinelovesyaemiko February 14, 2022
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Oh, her? That tall pink haired lady? Yeah I could care less about her. But she did give me the gnosis so I suppose I will leave her alone. She seemed full of herself though.
Yae Miko gave me the gnosis in exchange for not killing the traveler.
by scaramoucheopinions November 13, 2022
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