ya da da mean in english is you know what i mean.
sd: ya da da mean
me: what?
sd: ya da
me: huh?
sd: you. know. what. i. mean.
me: oh...
sd: ya da da mean
by thizhead March 18, 2005
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Bay Area slang for "you know what I'm sayin?" Other variations include "yadadaimsayin" and "yadada I'm talkin bout?"
im bout to put this thizz in my life....spark this bleezy and take it from there yadadamean?
by fotweny November 15, 2004
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yay slang for "you know wad i mean"
also yadadabooboo, yadadasayin, yadadimean...
i smoke that purp yadadamean.
mayne im thizzin yadadamean.
by tHiiZ Or dIE!!! May 05, 2006
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"Yada" in hebrew means "know". Yadadamean is a bay area slang meaning "know what i mean". The bay has many people who subscribe to the "black hebrew Israelite" theology.
Yadadamean? Yadada I'm saying though?
by TheKnow July 15, 2015
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Yay Area slang term, originated and popularized by hyphy rapper Keak da Sneak, an abbreviation of "Do you know what I mean?"
Yadadamean, yadadimsayin, yadadimtalkinbout?

We know whatcho talkin bout

-Keak da Sneak, Yadadamean
by Royalty May 28, 2006
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Bay Area slang for, "You know what I mean?"
Popularized by the hyphy movement, but in my opinion, comes originally from thick spanish accents. I had a landlord in San Jose who would say it constantly and I don't think he was into hyphy...
"You've got to keep the yard clean, yadadamean?"
by Max Mark July 10, 2008
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