A west coast bay area rapper recently signed onto Black Wall Street by fellow rapper the Game. Characterized by an interesting rap style and flow, resembling a west coast style with dirty south infulences.
Yo man, you hear that new Black Wall Street rapper, Ya Boy? He's spittin some hot shit.
by dsfgs June 9, 2006
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Refering to another male, directly or indirectly. When a person uses the phrase "Ya boy", the other person must know who you are talking about or it is pointless.
1: Ya boy betta shut that shit up.

2: I hit cha boy in his chest and he folded like a piece of cheese.

3: When is ya boy gonna suck my dick?
by Dj Beast October 29, 2005
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If you want to introduce yourself to a higher standard of assuming that people refer to you as "their boy". Usually used by people that play Minecraft and Roblox and have a YouTube channel with 10 subscribers.
MorganTheMinecrafterrr: hey guys, it's ya boy MorganTheMinecrafterrr here and today we are doing a Minecraft video

ZachTheR0bl0xr: hey u n00b u stole my intro xD I'll get you banned from utubez

MorganTheMinecrafterrr: kk
by ZachTheR0bl0xr February 13, 2017
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Another phrase for you're friends. The phrase can be used to announce yourself to your friends or refer to an individual's friends.
Guy 1: Yo! Its ya boys!

Guy 2: Ya Boys

Guy 1: Yo how are ya boys?

Guy 3: Oh Shoot! Yo its mah boys!
by yaboys7 December 24, 2013
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A westcoast rapper, formerly working with The Game and co-signed to Black Wall Street Records. He started his own record company, Precise Music Group, with his uncle, Phat Rat, and has released many mixtapes since then, including Optimus Rime. He is currently working on his first studio album, Holla at Ya Boy, and has already released a single that shares the same name as the album. The single is produced by Cool and Dre, and features Dre from Cool and Dre on the chorus.
I got work er'ywhere
Homie tell me what you need
I got people down south that'll let it go for cheap
I got people up top with a plug on the Biz
I got people in the bay
Nigga tell me what it is
You ain't gotta shop around
Ha holla at ya boy... (ha) holla at ya boy... (ha) holla at ya boy
You ain't gotta shop around
Ha holla at ya boy... (ha) holla at ya boy... (ha) holla at ya boy
by Anteo April 5, 2008
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It means they're ya boi
Owen-it's ya boi

Gauge-its ya boi
by BS posts April 8, 2017
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it means that something is totally wickedenough said
{some guy} says something thats totally sick
{other guy} YA BOI !
{SOME GUY} Yassssss honey
by THE AWESOME POTATO April 26, 2017
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