to tell someone to stop talking about a certain subject
sb:i cant believe you didn't call me.
fp:shut that shit up
by wolf January 12, 2005
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1) used by the retard who occupies the backseat of the bus 2) used by sum1 who is to pussy to use the word fuck
"jack sat on the pole" "jack sat on the shut the shit up ass pole" i duddits
by marisa mulcahy September 22, 2004
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when you are tired of listening to people talk and they are gettin on your last nerve!!
"Man i am so tired of your mouth, shut dat shit up."
by %^&%$@ April 19, 2009
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“shut the fucking shit up” is a phrase that basically means “shut the fuck up” (refer to shut the fuck up) but with more emphasis on the “fuck” part.

person 2: shut the fucking shit up

person 1: >:(
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