Short for young pleasure. A YP is an amazingly hot girl that's under the age of 18.
Damn! That Alyssa J. sure is one hella YP!
by Dominic October 26, 2003
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Young Professional, usually a recent college graduate with a well paying job.
Guy 1 - There were a ton of babes at the bar last night
Guy 2 - Did you notice all the YPs? The girls could smell the money on them.
by G Mone¥ June 19, 2014
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meaning; Young Pussy

girls that are of legal age of consent but happen to be anywhere from a year to several years younger than you
"Man, that party was poppin' with the YP!!!"
by MOOSEMEAT26 November 7, 2011
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Who is the YP at your Church?

Mine is William Davis!
by yplife July 21, 2017
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YP - Young potential

Under 16 year-old female with potential to be shaggable when she comes of age.
Person 1: Shes well fit...
Person 2: Mewwhh, she has YP.
by Galaleo April 23, 2011
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Being single
Not having a girlfriend
My girlfriend left me, I'm yps again.
by texke April 12, 2007
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