The opposite of np for "no problem" in chat, text-messaging and IM shorthand. "yp" means "yes problem" and indicates annoyance at a request.
Text message: help me move this afternoon?
Reply: yp
by npthree July 28, 2011
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A suburban gang, created in the dodgy streets of Lynfield, refers to Young Players Society, Only a selective bunch are allowed each year. Intense Loving and Intense Playing is mainly the requirement to join the Young Players Society, Yps was started by Sandeep Solanki referred to as Suguar daddy and later ass licked by Phaggot sexy eyes. I must advice girls to stay away from these folks as they are intense players and should be avoided at all times.
She got cheated on? No worries Sandeep and Jonty bout to YPS THIS SHIT?
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yp is fat
by YP September 4, 2003
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YP = Your Problem
MP = My Problem
Girl: Hey! You came, but I haven't yet! That's not fair!

Guy: That's a YP, not an MP, baby! C'ya, I'm outta here!
by goobershanker April 29, 2004
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when someone tells you tells you to shut up online but mispells it.
manda: shut yp
eros: haha idiot, going to get it in urban dictionary.
by JudastheBudist February 27, 2021
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Noun. Formally known as a Yo-Han Party, a YP usually takes place when one desires it least. In common use, a YP is any gathering where a socially inept person ruins the sesh with their, ignorance, stupidity, cackling laughter at the wrong times, and sometimes (but not always) use of chest. Oh, and the person uses your weed.
Hey there Huf, you still hosting that YP? (Said sarcastically)

Good YP last night. Wish there was more dapping of Danny
by King Mana November 11, 2017
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YP - Abbreviation of Young Prospect. Man who have ambitions and prospect to improve competences in a short time or faster than others
This guy like a YP
by DenZavr July 29, 2019
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