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YOLD an acronim/name you give to people that say YOLO


*Can be changed to suit a persons name
JOLD= John Obviously Likes Dick
George: yolo mutha fuckers
by RainMan2468Devil June 22, 2012
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Term used to describe a young individual in his/her early adult stage who has the face of someone in their mid 30-40’s
Friend: Yo, you see that old kid over still going to school.

Me: He isn’t old. He’s yold.
by arandomdude888 November 19, 2017
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1. The act of a young person doing something generally classified as "something old people would do".
2. Old-young. Could be a young person, disguised as on elder (via the art of makeup, etc...)
Example 1; quote from GameGrumps:
Arin: "They look old-young... Like a young person with old people make up on."
Ross: "YOLD?"

Example 2; (also derived from GameGrumps):

Youngster: "Bro, I'm so YOLD right now. I just drank some prune juice."


by toastghost May 15, 2014
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Too Young To Be Old and
To Old To Be Young

In Between Young & Old
Coined by a baby boomer
He's yold, in between young and old.
by Mickey Delphino November 02, 2007
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Someone who tries to act young, but is actually old.
That yold woman needs to dress more her age.
by Stumpasaurus January 24, 2015
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