YOI is the acronym for the ice skating anime, Yuri!!! On Ice. It tells the story of the career of a competitive ice skater, Yuuri Katsuki, and his attempt to redeem himself from previous his failures. All while dealing with budding relationship between him and his coach Viktor Nikirov.
"YOI is the best thing I ever watched!"
"IKR I really ship Yuuri and Viktor"
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by Ninja Dragoness January 16, 2017
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An interjection, used to show a positive feeling or to exlaim excitement.

1) "Yoi!"
2) "Party tonight, yoi"
3) "Yoi, how are ya?"
4) "I'm great, yoi!"
5) "I've won the lottery, yoi!"
by ComplexSimplicity. April 12, 2009
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A word used to describe a common effect used in dubstep production.
Yoooooooooooooi yoi yoi yoi yoi yoi yoi yoi yoi (The opening line of the second drop in Skrillex's track "Rock and Roll (Will Take You to the Mountain)"
by Wompborn September 21, 2011
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The mixture of "yeah" and "noice"
*Someone talks about their achievement of getting a girl* "Yois" the other person responds
by Fr3k1nM0r0n November 14, 2017
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originated in port dover, ontario
"im hungry. lets hit cheezers and get ourselfs a zza"
"yoi, im down for that"
by *protestthehero* March 31, 2007
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