We don't perform 'tricks' or 'spinny things'. We perform jumps and spins, and we face injury quite often. It is not easy, due to contrary belief.
I just recovered from a severed artery in my arm after falling on a triple toe; my arm was skated over - it has been over two years and my arm was paralyzed.

Not so easy now, is it?
by Blaike May 22, 2005
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a speed skater, hockey player, figure skater, ice dancer, etc. the term "ice skater" is not actually all that specific, evn tho ppl often translate it as figure skater. if u were looking 4 a definition on figure skater then i suggest u search for figure skater bcuz that will prolly b much more helpful......a figure skater is an ice skater but an ice skater is not necessarily a figure skater.
meghan, fred, harry, kathryne, tommy, anna, and jeff are all ice skaters, even though meghan and fred are ice dancers, harry is a figure skater, tommy is a speed skater, and kathryne and anna play hockey.
by i, me, and myself September 16, 2005
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One who skates on ice. If professionaly or semi-professionaly usually to music and including some high-skilled tricks.
She is an ice skater
by Jeremiah December 19, 2004
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a all-around badass mofo who has to have extreme mental and physical strength to do what they do
wow, gracie gold is one awesome ice skater
by joebidennn November 16, 2016
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N. Someone who is addicted to crystal meth, also known as ice
Guy1: Toms spun like a motherfucker.

Guy2: That's a professional ice skater right there.
by Princ3 August 11, 2009
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The Ice skater checkmate is a checkmate where the rook or the queen checkmates the king that is blocked by all three of his pawns after the king has castled.
by LustBird May 26, 2020
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skeet on the floor and push the girl into it causing her to slip and slide and hopefully fall.
I gave my girl friend an angry ice skater last night, she got mad.
by jonsmith June 06, 2006
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