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Typically a typo made by iPhone 4 users because their phone screens are so pathetically small
iPhone 4 user: I love YoY
Decent phone user: lol, "YoY"
iPhone 4 user: fuck sake, shitty keyboard
by xbox_bash May 16, 2015
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A euphemism for β€œkill me” now that composting oneself after one’s death has become popular.
All right, why don’t you just compost me?
by Dr Bunnygirl March 22, 2020
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A word used to express agreement or satisfaction with either a statement, question, or idea. Can also be used simply to express excitement.
Slim Jim: Hey Fat Joe... is this bud dank or what?

Fat Joe: Yoy!
by Toke-A-Tron November 29, 2010
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An expression of disbelief or surpise
oh yoy! did you see that?!
by maza February 26, 2003
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the distinctive sound Doctor P makes in his tracks
*bass* YOY *bass*
by bax your mum October 01, 2010
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The ethereal being of all creation. YoY sees everything and quietly listens to the soundtrack of Thomas the Tank Engine. YoY looks like a train with a long human nose. YoY stands on two stick figure legs and has no arms. Some followers refer to YoY as the second coming. Those who choose not to believe in the great YoY will be subjected to eternal damnation in the fiery pits of Hell. YoY chooses to abandon institutionalized religion and rather seeks salvation from within. Join YoY on its quest for eternal domination of all that exits.
A quick search on Google Images will provide you with an illustration of YoY.
All praise YoY! Our founder, our love, our inspiration.
by sami20008 May 08, 2018
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There are several meaning to the word yoy

1.) A word that can be used while having sexual intercourse
example of this would be...

While making intense sweaty love to your partner, he/she yells out "YOY" or "Oh YOY ME"

2.) Replaces the F word.
Example of this would be little max fails a bio test because he didnt study.

"YOY" he yells out in frustration

3.) Can be used when somebody says something that contains a sexual reference
for example a woman states her anger with the hot dog stand by saying

some random woman- "These wieners are too big."

little max- "Yoy"

4.) Can be used to state a feeling. This could be when your tired, sad, happy, angry, ect

the tone vary's on the feeling
****When you say the word yoy you must vary in pitch.
make sure to elongate the O sound. ****
by yoyme December 08, 2010
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