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Normally some one who takes drugs regularly and trips out a lot. Like some one who gets really drunk then starts smoking bongs and freaks out. Or people who start freaking out at reality. Also if this is you its a good idea too stop smoking Ganja.
After a night of drinking person 1 starts smoking a couple of bongs with mates.

Person 1: After smoking bongs looks like its having a bad trip on a roller coaster
Person 2: ahhh what a trippa this kid loves tha weed !
by TheRealMeaningOfTrippa January 10, 2011
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it is said with this definition, more with the europeans in australia.

But u get the point of what it means
from the examples... lol

when someone does something, funny or stupid...
its kinda hard to explain. Means afew things.
"your a trippa man, lol!"
"wot a trippa man"
by anaaaa March 03, 2008
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