"You Always Have Other Options"
Yahoo! There's another way to do this!
Yahoo! There's another way to get there!
Yahoo! I figured out a way to get out of this mess!
by Casa de mil suenos August 20, 2013
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You Are Here Only Once
Person #1: Yo... I don't want to go to Syracuse. I have to go back to work tomorrow and it's so far.
Person #2: YAHOO!
Person #1: OK! Screw work! I'll go cause it's my last chance! #TOCO!

*True Story
by someone12 May 9, 2013
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Frank: Throw a shrimp on the barbie you f***ing yahoo !!
Bob: WTF, we don't say shrimp in Australia...
by Rodolphe May 17, 2005
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Yahoo is an uneducated person with a backwoods mentality.
Yahoo! shows its real stupid backwoods mind when somebody tries to get help at Yahoo! Help
by bobby dias June 7, 2007
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