Young Sturdy Boys. A group that is exclusive to only people that live in Sturtevant.
yo don’t fuck with Y$B, they don’t play around bro.
by Y$B OWNER November 1, 2020
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An acronym for famou Larry fanfiction 'Young & Beautiful'

It's truly a masterpiece not like After.

The writer's insipiration was Harry Styles in 2013 with his frat boy era. He smiled but had empty eyes. Harry in the story smiles outside but has some deep issues inside and Louis is the only one to notice and slowly fall in love.

Available on wattpad and AO3.
'I finished y&b I'm sobbing so hard!'

'Young & Beautiful is 100% my favourite Larry fanfic.'
by foolforlucie August 28, 2020
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(keep yo bitch in line) what you say to someone when their bitch gets out of line
man1:sorry my girl shoudnt have said that

man2: yo dude k y b i l
by lil saint omg July 15, 2010
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The holy grail of junior high school math equations, often deitized by teachers and students alike. It can solve every single one of your life problems.

Ever need to know the slope of your driveway? Sub some into y=mx+b
Ever need to know at what angle your ladder is standing at if it was on a graph? y=mx+b
Ever get stuck on a math question on your exam? Sub some givens into y=mx+b
Teacher: "What is the allmighty holy formula for a straight line on a graph?"

Student: "y=mx+b!"
Teacher: "ALL HAIL y=mx+b!"
Students: "ALL HAIL y=mx+b!"
by thecell98 January 21, 2015
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y- the y coordinate
m- the slope of the line (rise/run)
x- X coordinate
b- y intercept, where the line crosses the y-axis

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Acronym- you are equal to my existing additional bitch

Used to assert dominance over people that need it
Male 1: HEY just so you know, y=mx+b

Girl 1: excuse me?!
by no name man May 18, 2022
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