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Haoda is a very uncommon name among the west, however people who are named Haoda really stand out in a crowd.

One of the downsides of being named 'Haoda' is to have everybody pester you with pronounciation of spelling, since 'ao' doesn't exist in english.

The proper way to pronounce Haoda is HOW-da. Like most simple but foreign names, people will immediatly start making name-puns that you already heard before and think/claim to be the one who first thought of it.
Teacher: "Mary, Daniel, uhm... Ho... Ho... Hoda?"

Haoda: "Its pronounced HOW-da"

Teacher: "Oh! Haoda you do? HAHAHAHAHA"
by thecell98 January 21, 2015
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The holy grail of junior high school math equations, often deitized by teachers and students alike. It can solve every single one of your life problems.

Ever need to know the slope of your driveway? Sub some into y=mx+b
Ever need to know at what angle your ladder is standing at if it was on a graph? y=mx+b
Ever get stuck on a math question on your exam? Sub some givens into y=mx+b
Teacher: "What is the allmighty holy formula for a straight line on a graph?"

Student: "y=mx+b!"
Teacher: "ALL HAIL y=mx+b!"
Students: "ALL HAIL y=mx+b!"
by thecell98 January 21, 2015
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This is possibly the most annoying phrase in the real-time-strategy game Starcraft.

The basic objective of Starcraft is to make a big army to destroy your opponent, however you have this army-size limit known as 'supply' that can only be increased by building a specific building, and for the alien faction 'protoss', that building is the pylon. So every 2-4 soldiers you build, you most build another pylon to sustain them. If you forget, a voice says "YOU MUST CONSTRUCT ADDITIONAL PYLONS", and at that point, you realise that you can't build any more guys until you send a worker to build the pylon, and then wait for the pylon to finish. Then, 4 soldiers later, you will have to build ANOTHER one.

What makes this phrase especially annoying is how often the guy says it if you forget to build them, because soldiers of the protoss race take up so much supply, and their pylons provide such little supply.
by thecell98 January 21, 2015
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