The Ultimate 4x4 from Nissan designed to show Jeep owners that they are not special but just a bunch of people who conform to each other.
I'm gonna drive my Xterra over that sheep of yours.
by Westley E November 11, 2007
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A SEXY suv from Nissan that truely should have it's name changed to SexTerra
by S to the Teve September 8, 2007
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Sweet ass ride, only driven by real hot studs who know how to treat bitches right. Beeeeatch!!!
Damn dude, did you see that fly silver Xterra and the dirty ho in the front seat?
by Snoop July 29, 2003
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the Homosexual of the Xterra family, Bought by closet fags and colorblind soccermoms with no taste
That Red Xterra sure makes the gay rainbow look proud
by Lardnapkin July 29, 2003
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