An irrational fear of Xenomorphs from the Alien© movies.

I mean come on people, they're not even real.
A: "Come on Frank, don't be such a Xenophobe, we want to watch Aliens"

Frank: " Why can't all y'all Ni🅱️🅱️as respect my Xenophobia, let's watch Mo' effin Predators instead, yo!"

A: "Eat shit and die, Frank"

Frank: "Ok"
by WeaponizedAutism December 18, 2017
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A fear of the evil alien from Scientology.
Scientologist: Xenu is coming. He will destroy you. You must remove the souls from your body so he can't eat you!
Person: Wow, that's a new one. Xenophobic much?
Scientologist: Xenophobia??? Are you a... noof?
by eco April 28, 2008
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The belief that your country is the best and no other compares.

This is often due to ignorance and stereotypes
Look up ANY country on Urban Dictionary and you will find an example of xenophobia somewhere
by evilhairyhamster July 14, 2006
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An irrationally-biased/prejudiced/hateful attitude regarding "foreign" incandescent bulbs which contain any of those "fancy gases" like xenon; said closed-minded person prefers instead to simply stick with "regular 'n' domestic" plain-tungsten-filamented lamps.
I haven't really got anything to say against modern technology, and I certainly don't possess xenophobia, but I do still prefer just the "bargain-basement" tungsten-halogen lamps as opposed to the much-more-expensive --- and often far more power-thirsty --- gas-filled bulbs; besides, I don't like blazingly-brilliant headlights overpoweringly boring holes clear through my skull when I'm merely trying to peaceably tootle my way home, and so I wouldn't wanna use those beastly-bright "second sun" lamps, anyway, since then I myself would be making it harder for other drivers to see, as well.
by QuacksO November 18, 2018
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Fear, dislike or prejudice against people or things from foreign countries or places.
"Dammit, Trump, you're a walking, crap-talking, wet toilet paper wad of xenophobia," sensible people yelled as Donald Trump declared he wanted a wall built between Mexico and the USA.
by icecoldbitch January 01, 2016
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John: Did you hear about the new Muslim ban?

Dan: Yes, Donald Trump's campaign is completely based upon xenophobia
by NYC_girl02 February 23, 2017
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1) 99.99% of all Conservatives.

2) An irrational, and usually unfounded fear of foreigners.

3) A word often seen in SAT practice books/tests, but rarely used in everyday speech or text.
1) Although absolutely EVERYONE in America is the descendent of an immigrant, the Conservatives' xenophobic attitude makes modern immigration difficult.

2) Bob is so xenophobic! Did you see the way he freaked out in front of that exchange student?

3) Although we were forced to memorize it's definition, xenophobia never once showed up on the SAT.
by chibi_tan013 August 01, 2010
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