The term 'xenophobia' is typically used to denote a phobic attitude towards foreigners or strangers, or even of the unknown. Racism in general is described as a form of xenophobia.
-"Why do we have to have white people at the front of the bus, and black people at the back of the bus? Why can't we all be green?"

-"Light green at the front of the bus, and dark green at the back please!"
by Mr Munchkins July 17, 2005
intense or irrational dislike or mostly fear of the worlds best mineman pvper
"I fear that mineman, I got Xenophobia"
by minemandemon September 23, 2015
An irrational hatred and/or fear of xenomorphs.
Dude, enough with the xenophobia. Xenomorphs are just as worthy and valid as anyone else.
by n188er May 10, 2019
An irrational fear of Xenomorphs from the Alien© movies.

I mean come on people, they're not even real.
A: "Come on Frank, don't be such a Xenophobe, we want to watch Aliens"

Frank: " Why can't all y'all Ni🅱️🅱️as respect my Xenophobia, let's watch Mo' effin Predators instead, yo!"

A: "Eat shit and die, Frank"

Frank: "Ok"
by WeaponizedAutism December 18, 2017
Fear, dislike or prejudice against people or things from foreign countries or places.
"Dammit, Trump, you're a walking, crap-talking, wet toilet paper wad of xenophobia," sensible people yelled as Donald Trump declared he wanted a wall built between Mexico and the USA.
by icecoldbitch January 1, 2016
In case one of you persons doesn't understand the complexity of xenophobia, here is a nice, and clear explanation: The complexity of xenophobia, is simple the felt opinion toward foreigners, or unknown persons. In case one of you persons do understand the complexity of xenophobia, don't process xenophobia on foreigners, or the unknown persons in this world. Although, I can say that the way persons today are unknown disappoints me...
Even though we probably didn't need the last part of that definition, xenophobia can be talked about in a quite smart way, as you can see...
by Mike B. Anderson January 3, 2008
Not liking every person from a different country isn't xenophobia, it is human. True xenophobia is hating a group of people without cause or reason besides they look different. You don't have to like everyone from a different group any more than you have to like or trust everyone from your own group, some people deny their negative feelings about a person or group, but that doesn't mean they don't have any, or that they aren't there beneath the surface. Usually people go by an individual basis and not a collective one when they decide who they like and who they don't.
No matter what somebody looks like, if they're trying to play you for a fool you don't have to like or trust them. That isn't the same thing as xenophobia or racism, true xenophobia has no cause or reason. When someobe has given you cause or a reason, it's no longer xenophobia or racism.
by The Original Agahnim October 16, 2021