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The only sign language I know, which can be bad, because I am deaf, and I have been to other countries, such as Germany, Australia, and Serbia, and their Sign Language is far more complex than ours.
Russia is the hardest compared to American Sign Language...
by Mike B. Anderson December 27, 2007
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In case one of you persons doesn't understand the complexity of xenophobia, here is a nice, and clear explanation: The complexity of xenophobia, is simple the felt opinion toward foreigners, or unknown persons. In case one of you persons do understand the complexity of xenophobia, don't process xenophobia on foreigners, or the unknown persons in this world. Although, I can say that the way persons today are unknown disappoints me...
Even though we probably didn't need the last part of that definition, xenophobia can be talked about in a quite smart way, as you can see...
by Mike B. Anderson January 3, 2008
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What is the definition of rebel? A rebel can refer hatred towards tradition, and it can mean to fight for your eternal right. Example, Martin Luther King was a rebel in a way, no offense to his heroism, because he wanted his right to be free, and for Black and White people to finally get along. No more East end and West end, and no more East or West Germany, in which is another example of a rebel. And one other example is lets say someone from Ireland hates Guinness. That makes them a rebel usually.
The word rebel isn't an insult...
by Mike B. Anderson January 4, 2008
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A computer System that can be found on Macintosh, Dell, and Gateways. The current Browser that I use to type this Definition. Not any better than Internet Explorer, because this Browser, too can have advance. Firefox, Safari, Opera, and Internet Explorer all have their complexities in advance, and disadvance in their techniques. Mozilla I have to say is my favorite, but I have no hatred on all the rest.
You can get Mozilla Firefox, and you can get Internet Explorer, it doesn't matter...
by Mike B. Anderson December 27, 2007
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A rubbish Football team, that can't play Football for any money. George W. Bushes chosen people. Everything bad about Football, making one pathetic team. I'm in shock that they could even defeat the Redskins once. When you insult the Redskins, you insult God. When you insult the Cowboys, you're complimenting a small child.
For more information on the Dallas Cowboys, see George W. Bush on Urban Dictionary.
by Mike B. Anderson January 3, 2008
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