When one person likes to cheat at scrabble and puts down a nonsensical word that looks like it may be real so they can get a bunch of points, but it's complete bullshit.

pronounced, za
"Drew, that word is fake!"
"I know, I pulled a Xa
by Benis_Man69 November 21, 2016
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XA means "Use code PrettyBoy in the Fortnite item shop".

XA was popularized by the popular fortnite map creator that goes by the name of PrettyBoyAM and or just PrettyBoy

His Tiktok & YT is @ PrettyBoyAM
His Instagram & Twitter is @ PrettyBoyAMM
Everyone go play Tilted Zone Wars (XA) the map code is 3729-0643-9775
by PrettyBoyAM December 9, 2021
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Greek Letters (X)Chi and (A)Alpha

A christian organization on secualar college campuses. Affiliated with the Assembly of God Church aka. one good bunch of people.
I love the worship with chi alpha and I can't wait to go tonight.
by steve March 20, 2005
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short for cross-apply in debate
XA that piece of evidence
by stark white January 3, 2005
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Exay is an African term for friend but it refers precisely to "cape coloured" or biracial people; it's how they call themselves "buddy" or "brother." When used to refer to you by someone who isn't your buddy or brother, it can be an insult because the speaker is presuming familiarity that doesn't exist.
Hey exay/xa, you wanna get crunk on chibuku and chomba and then prang some wheels?
(Hello my friend, would you like to become highly intoxicated on cheap homemade beer and smoke too much hashish and then drive automobiles around until we crash them?)
XA is another way of writing exay.
by ciotog17 April 11, 2006
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XA Means "Use Code PrettyBoy in the fortnite item shop" and this phrase is only used by absolute giga chads and who are literally so cool. people who use code PrettyBoy are even cooler and have a big pp. - written by zypher
no i will not use XA in a sentance.
by ZypherOnUrban January 9, 2022
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