14 - Norte -Norteño-Nuestra Familia. Primary color, Red. Started in the prisons in California, it is now made its way throughout the Southwest. Mortal enemy XIII-13-Sur-Sureño-La Eme"The Mexican Mafia" Primary color, Blue.

Bottom Line: We are all brown, and the sooner we all figure that all, the better off we'll all be.
by Zapata August 20, 2003
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XIV ThEm SuR RaTa$ CaNt HaNg WiTh THa ReAL NoRtE.CuZz We LiViNg Tha LiFe Of A NoRtH$iDe SolDeR.
by LiL LoC2LiL 1 September 14, 2003
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14 In Roman Numerals. XIV`14 Reffers to the 14th letter of the Alphabet. " N ". XIV 14 N all tie to explain the origins of the Almighty Norte XIV
Norte Controls Nothern CAL14NIA
by Masochist June 3, 2003
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we some down ass enes busting caps atyou scraps with a 9mm gat straight outta the big REEDLEY 14
by Anonymous September 7, 2003
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gang all over da nation and present even in monterrey mexico, red (and black) is da color, 14 (xiv ... for da N of norte)... die enemies wit da ms13 (marasalvatrucha) and any southsider gang (la eme, mexican mafia, sur 13, etc) but at da end da insane norte all-mighty stops n controls.
shout out to all norteños all ova... from your carnales down hurr in d-town texas, richardson, maham st, spring hills, mid park, srping valley north dallas !!!
fuk dem fukin surratas la northside para rifa y controla putos !
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Xiv is lowkey the best brand in the world but its used as an adjective. It is used to describe something presumably being hard to be done with ease. So basically its sumn done with ease.
adjective: 1. Woah u just scored a hat trick of free kicks abdulmujeeb, thats so xiv
2. 'Person lifts up weight infront of his friend and gruntles and afterwards acts like he did it like he was cool'
friend: You are not xiv bro we all know u did that with no ease
3. players like ozil, messi, odegaard, de bruyne, pirlo and zidane playing football
by _notabdulmujeeb.xiv September 5, 2023
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