It's Just that "thing" that makes an individual stand out. Captures your full attention. Side Effect- People are dumbfounded when in the presence of the X-factor.
Yah you got swag cause its easy to jock but i got that X-factor that has no mold only the best acquire it. All original parts no copies.
by MsMendez May 9, 2009
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That homey's got too many "x-factors." Pop his ass and be safe.
by William Dean A. Garner September 11, 2003
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an indescribable quality or something; something about a person that you cannot put your finger on; je ne sais quoi
I don't know what it is; she's not that pretty, but has this x-factor which makes her very hot.
by weave March 19, 2003
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Supposedly a singing contest, yet instead one huge joke. All it is is an unfair competition in which a young, good-looking yet naive wannabe-famous boy or girl is chosen to be the next one hit wonder popstar to generate money for Simon Cowell. The winner is usually forgotten about after a few months, becoming only background noise in the music industry, but that doesn't matter to Simon, as he does it every year. The shows are heavily decorated and the drama is over exaggerated, making it even less about the singing, and to make matters worse the judges are always people that don't actually know much about music or singing. Plus the performances are usually enhanced with pre-recorded backing vocals. And no, your votes don't count, Simon chooses who goes through and who doesn't. It's a shame how music is about money nowadays, and not emotion and expression, and The X Factor is only making it worse.
by absoluteloadofbollocks December 27, 2011
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Really lame pop-music Reality TV show much like pop-idol.
Lamer: You can sing, you should be on the x-factor
Me: Shut the fuck up
by Druss April 3, 2005
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A) A quality that makes people in possession of it the epitome of cool. When trying to explain why this person is so cool you come up blank. Everyone knows this person and people like being around them.
B) Used to describe someone whos not necessarily hot but you are strangely attracted to.
"Hey do you know Jim?"
"Oh yeah, who doesn't. You know what's weird?"
"Despite his shortness and slight chubbiness, I kinda want him..."
"That's cause he's got X factor..duh."
by Jolanda February 15, 2007
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When you hitting it from the back and you cross your arms for added grip
Jesus: yeah I was putting my penis in her from behind and it started to get a bit slick so I used the x-factor to maintain my godly pace
Jesus’s dad: good work son
by ppgang69 July 30, 2019
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