A Clan made by a person named Liam after he had apparently been doing maths in class and a teacher wrote under some sums, and put the 4 Symbols an (X), a square(), a dash(-) and then a (S) so he decided to make this into a clan, first because it sounded cool and second because no one used the name.
X-CPerson: Hey wanna join? You're like the 3rd person to join if you do.
Person2: Um sure?
X-CPerson: K, you're being recruited.
Person2: Okay?
X-CPerson2: Thanks.
X-CPerson: No problem.
by LiamLeFuckYou September 22, 2018
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A catch-all record label name for unsigned artists who have commercialized albums released, like Shinobi Ninja, thus being dubbed an 'Unsigned Label' rather than Indie Label or Major Label. Musi-x-C Records is the first label to consider itself as an Unsigned Label. All unsigned artists are allowed to include Musi-x-C Records as their record label without asking permission from Julius the Jules, Musi-x-C Records' founder.

Musi-x-C Record's founder and first artist to use the term is Julius the Jules, who had hoped the term would've been acclaimed like a Pope/Mome in Discordianism.
I'm signed yet unsigned to Musi-x-C Records!
by Julius the Jules November 27, 2020
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A skull with crossed bones, used by modern pirates to recognize eachother over the net.
Captain_Morgan: C:=X

Jolly_Roger: Do what you want 'cause a pirate is free, you are a pirate!
by Cpt. Morgan C:=X May 29, 2010
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LAURA Where do I start,, I love you too much🥰You can Into my life and flipped it around💕I know lately we’ve had ups and downs like you said but no BestFriends dont 👭 And the time when you sat next to me in Maths and you know I was having a very very bad day, you made me forget about everything that was happening💔I’ve never had someone that helps me like that‼️I know I get on your nerves because I always say your going to replace me but I’m bothered because (1) I know I’m nothing special and am a temporary friend that can easily be replaced and (2) I have honestly never had a best friend as good as you🤩I never want to be replaced, not by LIBBY, not by Maisie, not by ANYONE🙉And I know that sounds selfish but without you I’d be broken, like fully shattered and unable to be fixed👭I know that even at 3 in the morning if I need you then you will be there🥰And I will always do the same with you💕I know sometimes I can be annoying but I have come into ur life because I want to impact it in the best way possible💋I love you so so much, like billions and millions and trillions😘I know there are struggles in life, but promise me you’ll keep your head held high, because you deserve to be happy😭You should always be proud for you are, a happy, gorgeous and SOLID young girl, coz I am🤩I want to be the best friend possible for you. I want to be the person you can call at 1 am in the morning and a person you can’t truly trust with anything🥰
by Alfoa June 20, 2019
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Congratulations!!! You have now typed all variations of qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm and now you have put spaces in between them, you have reached peak boredness and gave up on finding actual entertainment when you are supposed to do an activity for school due tomorrow. I admire your dedication to finding excuses to not do your activities
Mom : Why are you not doing your assigned activities?
You : q w e r t y u i o p a s d f g h j k l z x c v b n m
Dog : Nani?!?!?!? I mean woof.
by Canimexis April 16, 2021
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