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Would You Beat?

used to ask a friend if the girl you are speaking with is fuckable, without the girl knowing.
You: (while with girl), yo bro, this is Jen, WYB?

Friend: FY! (fuck yeah)!
by NyPinoyBoy March 31, 2009
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Would you blast? a game where slooter hunters cruise around and when they see a girl that its questionable whether they are worthy or not , they say "would you blast?" and each slooter hunter says yes or no....
Check out that slooter! Bro, WYB?....
by Captain Matador June 17, 2009
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Where you been?
person 1: Hey I'm back!

person2: wyb??
by needlessreptile November 04, 2017
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Polish vodka Wyborowa its the best there is

also used as a verb, to get wybed is to get drunk
i got wybed drinking wyb
by fall December 15, 2003
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The infamous wybs is a dangerous, and painful sexual act involving panera macaroni and cheese. The act begins with a metal serrated spoon full of the macaroni, next you insert the spoon into the anus of the one to be "eaten out" and make certain that all of the macaroni is inside of the anus. After all macaroni is deposited, the partner without macaroni in their asshole will tongue the others anus, and eat the macaroni.
Did you hear about Russel wybsing Sam? I heard that Ruse went so far as to record "the eating."
by Blitzmeiste June 21, 2015
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1.Meaning, "Watch Your Back" It is most commonly used for hits (murders).

2. Xbox Live Clan started by, "WYB TRASNISTOR"
WYB, baby.
by Xzurii December 12, 2009
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