This basically means That we are all fucked
Bro, we are all fucked

Ww3 init
by Abi F January 5, 2020
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The war the women won’t be drafted in because we’ll gladly go back to the kitchen if that mean we don’t have to die
Tommy got drafted for ww3 today good thing we won’t have too right Suzy?
by Tazthecat January 4, 2020
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Ww3 is a war that most people will be involved in. The remaining disabled dew of is will raid area 51.
Person 1: Oh shoot. Ww3 is happening!
Person 2: You know what to do...
by Cancer on a stick January 24, 2020
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The reason why all the girls are suddenly housewives.
Shouldn’t girls be drafted in ww3 too?

No! We all belong in the kitchen anyways.
by mmmar January 3, 2020
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The next world war that Donald Trump or Hiliary Clinton could have or will cause.
by 123456789!!! November 28, 2016
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See Trump had to go assassinate that Iranian General now Black Twitter is going crazy about WW3 Ahhh
"WW3 is almost here. Iran should attack Trump not us"
by Dicksucker077 January 4, 2020
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The war on terror.
The future Nucleur war, when we will all be screwed.

The possible wars will be:
Russia vs. America
North Korea vs. America and Allies
America vs. Austrailla
America vs. World
America vs. United Kingdom and Allies
China vs. ?
America vs. America
Aliens vs. America
Oh shit man those muther fuckin aliens are here!
Dont flip, some black dude'll save us with a virus on a pc
what the fuck man !?
ww3 is here
by KKIRBY June 13, 2007
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