made true by the act of bring written down. used to add validity to something. although it stems from being written down, it no longer needs to be actually written in order to be said- it just draws from that example.
Cassandra: You so did not tell him he was bad in the sack!
Teandra: Oh, I did. It's writ.

If it's writ, it must be legit.
by Cassandraandra23 October 7, 2011
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Writ, a colloquial term native to County Fermanagh, Ireland. The term is a derivative stemming from the phrase 'Written Off' or 'Wrote Off', both terms historically used to describe the 'totalling' of a car, but in this instance being used to refer to an extremely intoxicated individual. Commonly paired with the local pronunciation of off
'Sure that man was absolutely f*cking writ.'
by WiserChewingGrass December 28, 2016
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The future-tense of writing.
I don't think you know how to install robot eyes, because I didnt writ that you knew how to yet.
by Not Dritium August 1, 2011
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slang for retards that are missing the brain cells to say wrote.
Bowe writ this entry into urban dictionary
by Timothy Stokes January 7, 2009
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A tweetable acronym that stands for "Won't Remember It Tomorrow" as in: you will not remember the action that you are doing, the thing that you saw, the thing you will do etc.
Works with sentences regarding school lectures, studying, the end of the world, and for situations involving crazy partying that results in memory loss.
This party is going to be ridiculous #WRIT
by Jsm1995 December 19, 2012
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1. to rite, skrach, or dabbel something down on paper
2. to remove
1. Billy-bob writ his idear on his gluv.
2. Sammy Joe writ off her 3rd cuzin as a potential man, cauz he was too distantly related.
by Davey Crockett September 24, 2003
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