Something that is amazing but shocks you abit
“Wowza, that girl is really ugly but has such a nice arse!”
by Arab/Sully April 12, 2020
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Wowza is being amazing. But kinda sarcasticly. It depends on how you say it or how you use it.
Whos that cause Wowza)thats a big fore head!
by Wowza! Thats crazy! October 19, 2019
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This is a phrase you will use when you are shocked or something. This is like a “hood term” of wow
“Wowza Did he really just score that shot
by YoungAbz17 April 4, 2019
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A phrase of pure enjoyment of things. Either sicko-ish or scary-ish.
by InedibleBird January 28, 2003
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An exclamation of shock and/or excitement, often related to seeing a peng chick
by "Youngie" January 15, 2009
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a term that evolved from the word 'wowza'. Wowza me yowza is a longer, more eccentric version of the word, and is kind of underground since no one uses it a lot. it still stands for the same thing as 'wowza'
"Look at this mega golf course! Wowza me yowza?!"
by Zanex311 September 25, 2009
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PP Wowza means to be wowza’d, particularly by a pp.
Mark: Jesus that’s huge!
Bob: You just got pp wowza’d
by rglein March 23, 2022
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