A combination of the words munch and mosh. To eat with extreme intensity. Usu. not a real meal.
I haven't eaten all day. I'm about to go home and monch on something in my fridge.
by RapGodTHoR January 5, 2010
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The disgusting noise made by chewing with ones mouth open.
by Luke McCarthy September 22, 2008
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To eat with extreme pleasure. Often occurs as a result of THC or Alcohol intoxication; the best cure for the munchies.

monch monching moncher
Middle English monchen.
Yo man after all that squeef (marijuana) I need to be straight monching, let's order some Chinese.
by A-More October 16, 2005
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monching is kind of more uhmmmm oOMMMM nOM nOm NOM NOm whereas munching is just a polite nomnomnom, yknow?
God was monching naturally on a herd of readily available iguanas.
by On_the_Spectrum April 2, 2023
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When a really disgustingly annoying buff guy from across the given area is undressing you with his eyes. Please note that this "moncher" will never actually come up and talk to you, he will just stare and creep you out... also, he will tell his buddies how hard he wants to do you.
"Oh my god, seriously? That dude is a total monch! Lets get out of here before he can point us out!"
"Yeah totally. I'm tired of being monched on."
by sheebeee July 15, 2012
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really good lyracists(rapper)from queens,
worked with blackstar,nate dogg,styles p
M.O.P and other underground rappers u have to cop his track no mercy ft M.O.P
"this ryhme will remain in the minds of my foes forever in imfamy the epitome of lyrical epiphanies skillfully placed home we carefully plan symphonies who would be ignorant enough to have the audacity to fuck with likes of my and my tenacity this is wat u get when u fuck with tha likes the magnamous flows of total assholes and ignoramases M.O.P/ pharoahe monch cause damages the advantage is we banish labels artists and managers ametuers found six feat deep in metal canisters" (no mercy pharoahe monch 2/3 of first verse)
by nb allah April 1, 2005
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