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i love batman games but this one this one in particular IS NOT GOOD Basically in some levels your not even batman this game should be called Lego Justice league like common. it dose have more characters better graphics but that's every game this shouldn't be a Lego Batman Game (DLC's good tho).
Bro1: bro wanna play Lego Batman 3 Beyond Gotham.
Bro2: No Bro i don't want to play any more stupid Lego Games.
by Legobatman2139 October 6, 2020
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The Batman Tumor Is Someone who believes Batman is the best superhero and wishes kill anyone who thinks otherwise and if they are superman fan bless their hearts because soon they won't have one
Dad: hey son I was thinking we could go see that "new" movie.
Son: What Movie Is It?
Dad: Oh Well I know your like superheros so I thought we should go see the "new" movie called "Man Of Steel"
"2 hours later"
News repoter: Breaking News!!! Single Father of 2 Found Brutally Murdered In His Own Home.
As You Can See The Son Clearly Suffered From The Batman Tumor.
by Legobatman2139 June 20, 2021
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you are a very special person i want you to accept this word and add a word to the urban dictionary called "deadboneman" and then when someone accepts your word I'll find your word rince and repeat i wrote this at " 8:22pm,Sunday,June 20th and if I don't find the word within 5 days. I wrote this word for no reason
Are You Up For The Task?
by Legobatman2139 June 21, 2021
Congrats You Somehow Made A Rambo Movie Featuring Rambo As Little As Possible. At this Point The Movie Should Be Called "Angry Australian Guy Who Dosent Like Anybody Including Sylvester Stallone" if you've seen the movie you know I'm telling the truth.
dude 1# "I'm going to go see Rambo (2008).
dude 2# "cool can I come?"
dude 1# "sure why not, but your paying for you own tickets."
"Time Pass Bye"
dude 1# "that movie bored me to death."
Skeleton 2# "Jaw Drops."
by Legobatman2139 May 23, 2021
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Pornhub oh how you've fallen in one night you had over 6 million videos but then exactly at April 3rd 2:30am you deleted 5 million videos in the span of 2 minutes all because some creedy corporation ratted you out about your actual rape underage porn copyrighted movies and content reposted thousands of times. Millions of people were forced to fondle them selves in google images and other (w e b s i t e s). eventually all that illegal stuff will come back tho. but it will never be the same.
Me: Man I Cant Wait To Jerk Off To My Favorite PornHub Video
*Goes Incognito mode*
*Types In PornHub*
*Clicks On PornHub*
*PornHub: Search 1,000,036 videos...*
*Types In Video Name: Video Dosent Show*
Me: wait no no,no,no No No NO NOOOO (lets out a Darth Vader noooooo)
Me: I guess this is The Death Of PornHub.
by Legobatman2139 June 21, 2021
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the unorganized word of "sexy" commonly said by 6-11 year olds.
7 year old: hey i leard about xsye today

friend -1: What?
by Legobatman2139 December 3, 2020
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I'm here to save a man who was last seen here in the urban directory and last heard when they sent an sos called "help" I'll report in if I find anything thing Bravo Out-
Report #1: I've yet to spot anyone or anything + There are so many words I'm loosing my mind. I'm gonna go check out the lego isle Bravo Out

Report #2: IVE FOUND SOMETHING not much but... Its just an empty water bottle I'm Getting Close Bravo Out

Report #3: i i Found him he's just a pile of bones i can't believe it.... Jesus

Report #4: this is my 3rd time calling pickup team i don't know why there not responding. I'm running low on water if they don't pick up soon I'm gonna have to send out a SOS so somebody can rescue me .. Jesus Christ. Bravo Out

by Legobatman2139 June 21, 2021
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