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you are a very special person i want you to accept this word and add a word to the urban dictionary called "deadboneman" and then when someone accepts your word I'll find your word rince and repeat i wrote this at " 8:22pm,Sunday,June 20th and if I don't find the word within 5 days. I wrote this word for no reason
Are You Up For The Task?
by Legobatman2139 June 20, 2021
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the squeal to Lego Batman The VideoGame. it may not be perfect but it was the first Lego game to involve speaking Lego figures and it got its own movie but that's something for another time.
Bro1: hey bro wana play Lego Batman 2 DC Super Heroes.
Bro2;heck yeah bro.
"inserts disc"
"12 hours later"
Bro1:that was so fun.
by Legobatman2139 October 05, 2020
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i love batman games but this one this one in particular IS NOT GOOD Basically in some levels your not even batman this game should be called Lego Justice league like common. it dose have more characters better graphics but that's every game this shouldn't be a Lego Batman Game (DLC's good tho).
Bro1: bro wanna play Lego Batman 3 Beyond Gotham.
Bro2: No Bro i don't want to play any more stupid Lego Games.
by Legobatman2139 October 06, 2020
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An amazing piece of work that's has a few minor issues but that's ok because its 8 years old and still holds up. By the way its way better than Lego batman- more like Lego justice league 3.
Bro1: hey bro Whana play Lego batman The VideoGame
Bro2: Sure bro im gonna go get my ps3/xbox360.
Bro1: alright bro.
Bro2; Alright bro im back.
Bro1: cool bro.
Plugs in consle
Bro1: This is Gonna Be so Cool bro.
Bro2: yeah bro.
Game: NO
Bro:1&2 That was so fun bro yeah bro :(.
by Legobatman2139 September 28, 2020
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Schrodinger's Friend is a friend that is more like an enemy than a friend example: You: hey Joe how's it going?
Joe: get lost loser
You: good day to you too.
just did

Schrodinger's Friend
by Legobatman2139 June 19, 2021
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If your a big dumb dumb the "Worlds Greatest Detective" is Batman if you search it up you'll either see a bunch of batman memes or a bunch of batman comics either way you'll see batman. to be honest i don't know why batman is called the "Worlds Greatest Detective" but i don't care because i love batman either way "No homo."
everyone: Batman is the "Worlds Greatest Detective."
Batman: Hmmm i can't seem to find jokers hideout?
Jokers hideout: "In Plane Sight."
by Legobatman2139 December 03, 2020
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the unorganized word of "sexy" commonly said by 6-11 year olds.
7 year old: hey i leard about xsye today

friend -1: What?
by Legobatman2139 December 03, 2020
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