An avid David Cook fan. The term was taken from one of Cook's interviews where he admitted that he was a "Word Nerd" who constantly did crossword puzzles and loved vocabulary.
Amanda is such a Word Nerd. She votes for David Cook two hours every Tuesday night on Idol!
by dcwordnerd May 3, 2008
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A nerd who is good at word-related subjects, such as grammar and foreign languages, rather than math and science like a stereotypical nerd.
Person A: Did you know that the little dot on top of a lowercase letter "i" is called a "tittle"?
Person B: You're such a Word Nerd.
by IchigoxRukiaforever March 29, 2011
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Name given to a person who reads lots of books
"What are you reading Word Nerd"
by dave January 11, 2005
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1. A cool person who spends way too much time reading definitions off of

2. A total GEEK who passes time by insightfully expanding his.her vocabulary by frequenting
GIRL 1: EW! Why is that boy browsing

GIRL 2: That's Steven, he's a total word nerd.
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a guy who always knows how to spell something or corrects your spelling or pronunciation
you writing dear brian i just saw the scariest movie about dinasars
word nerd its spelled d i n o s a u r
you your such a word nerd
by kmonz July 25, 2010
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Word Nerds salvage quotes from websites such as Myspace, Twitter, Facebook, and public blogs. Word Nerds tend to be gamers who have tired of Geo Cashing and Easter Egg Collecting. In the newly created underground following games focused on the unusual online writing styles found in social networking sites and blogs gamers "collect" the "words" of random writers and compete for the largest, most complete storage page.
The Word Nerds created the largest known collection of sci-fi quotes found from users writing on Myspace and Twitter.
by Fire Antz September 28, 2011
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A binding verbal agreement between a nerd and anyone the nerd chooses to grace with his/her nerd word. Usually only 3 are granted at any given time.
"You gave her your nerd word! That means you only have 2 left!"
by Infinite_Guytron December 8, 2015
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