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The act of joyful wooting when something is accomplished

Being in a constant state of woot and happiness
1.Wootness! I finally found the legendary -1 stage in Super Mario Bros.

2. He's been in wootness mode for an hour now, think we should tell him I slept with his sister yet?
by Jacob Ritz May 14, 2006
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Wootness-a better version of woot! Used to describe extreme happiness!
Wootness! That was so freakin' cool!
by Hunty June 21, 2004
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meaning hooray, yes!, woot, yay ect.

can also be lengthened to"

or my favourite
"guess what, Green Day are coming to melbourne"

me: WOOTNESS!!!!
by all_sysyems_down July 25, 2008
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