the most pointless and annoying word in existence. it has no basis in reality. It is not a REAL noise.
"Idiot #1's Facebook status:
Insert name of one of your less gifted facebook friends is going to make a mess of herself and her friends at the Carling Academy. woop woop!!!!!"

"I f***ing hate people who go woop woop"
by laskarman December 04, 2008
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a sound that can express your feelings no matter how or what you feel.
by madersx66 December 18, 2008
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The acronym for 'watch out of practice'
"So why didn't she call you back?"
"Idk... she said she was wooping with da family."
by jkLLAP96 December 09, 2011
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an improvement of WOOT, firstly invented by lodge. Used when something is joyous or happy.
"i must give you a pat on the back" :P
by vix and lodge August 04, 2006
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