When she won't let you touch her cans at 2nd base, they now are officially called her wont's.

Technically, they may also be called her cannots.
She had a fantastic set of cans, but since they were for seeing only and not touching, he referred to them thereafter as her wont's.

Bobby, who was more Biblical in his understanding, understood the forbidden nature of an upright female's cans and referred to them as her thou-shall-nots.
by Wyatt Junker January 6, 2012
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An expression used to challenge a person to commit an action through basic reverse psychology.
>>Go to the office Benny!
>>> Fuck you Najera!
>Sock him Benny! YOU WONT!
by Brian May 13, 2004
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Noun. A person that constantly bails or flakes after saying he will do something but then doesn't. Especially when it comes to partying.

Verb. Calling someone out who always flakes after saying they are going to party.
Guy #1: Hey guys im gonna get blacked out drunk and rage my face of tonight.

Guy #2: "HE WONT!!!"

Guy #3: Tyler is such a HEWONT. I wish he would actually come party for once.
by Reinman May 22, 2011
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a slang term for daring someone to do something.
pussy wont lick my armpit

pussy wont snort salsa
by curlyhairschwagg January 14, 2013
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To challenge someone with a dare indirectly instead of saying i dare you.

It can also be used to challenge someones standards of themselves.
You: Yo joe, you see that girl over there? You Wont.
Joe: Watch me

Someone spills pepper in their drink
You: You Wont
He/She: No thats gross, Im not drinking pepper
by SlinkISslab March 17, 2011
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used as a dare to make people do stuff and piss them off.
its the best saying ever...but mostly used by remi.
but if you say it to any of us we will all do it cause we are fucking awesome like that.!!
"were gonna dump this bucket on you"
" you wont"
"say i wont"
by sausage and eggs April 6, 2008
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the act of repeating "you wont" when a friend or colleague says that they are going to do something swift or risky
person 1 : man this teacher is pissing me off, one more time and im gonna houdini her ass

person 2 : you wont, you wont

person 1: bro, if you dont shutup im gonna mushroom slap you

person 2 : you wont trick, you wont
by dddd dj skiizz January 14, 2011
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