In a |337 term, to stay up all night or have very little sleep and feel the affects of it the next day.
"Oh man, i am shit wonked."
by Storka October 31, 2003
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A person of no interest who has no interest in anything and leads a boring life where the only interest is money and the unnaturally selfish need to increase wealth.
Scrooge, Wonk
by Rogue7 February 3, 2010
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An exclamatory phrase used when a statement or action has been recently put forth which is not deserving of merit. (Best performed at a distance to achieve an echo effect)
"Dude, Punk music is kinda sweet."
by Jimmy Williams April 29, 2003
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So he starts telling me about his fratboy days, wonk, wonk, wonk...
by julie bing January 22, 2005
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another term for the male genetalia. (or penis)
If there was a wonk wonk idol, he would win because he has an abnormally large package.
by SceneCat in Florals October 9, 2008
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Horn of Gondor: "Wonk wonk!"

Legolas: "It's the Horn of Gondor!!!!"
by spiridon December 29, 2009
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