i'm sorry.
but no.
punk is NOT avril lavigne
youre right there.
but punk is NOT
are you retarded?!
MCR is terrible whiney emo music.
punk is
the cramps
sex pistols
the clash
Siouxsie Sioux
the klauxons
the vandals
the slits
i could go on...
dresden dolls
global threat
awesome color
american eyes
get yerr sh*t right.
look above

misfits, cramps, clash, rancid, sex pistols...etc., etc.

and all that other new emo whiney crap.
greenday could probably pass as punk music...

most of the good punk music is from before 90s.
by Mary Ferguson January 9, 2008
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punk..a fashion era or a view of the world. Fuck who knows what the fuck being a punk is but we all are familiar with punk music. Punk music was the 70's version of "rebel rock" or "free minded", pretty much started in from Europe with bands like The Sex Pistols but made its filthy way over to the states where The Ramones where born. Most Ska listeners and Thrashers listen to punk;... being that the genre thrash is an offspring of punk, with punk originally sounding like something from the fucking Grease movie.
Punk music consist of politikill views and Anarchy. I mean dont we all wanna kill whitey

some punk bands:
Sex Pistols
No Ca$h
Black Flag
Old Metallica (kill Em' All)
Leftover Crack
Choking Victim
The Adicts
Cock Sparrer
The Delinquents
Sham 69
Mad Conductor
Neon Hors
Bad Brains
Oi Scouts
old Slayer (Reign In Blood)
Circle Jerks
Agent Orange
Toxic Narcotic
etc.........and on and on and on!
wow, there goes sid listenin to his punk music during class again, what a cunt queef!
by my fucking name is erik harris January 24, 2008
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Music for the sake of music. If it's played at a modern party and can be easily danced to, it's not punk.

These are some of the leading punk bands:
The Buzzcocks
Black Flag
The Damned
Dead Kennedys
Generation X (Gen X)
Greenday (but only Kerplunk, 1,039 / Smoothed Out Slappy Hours, Dookie, Nimrod, and some of American Idiot)
THE JAM (some say they're mod, but they're the epitome of punk)
The New York Dolls
The Pogues
The Pretenders
The Ramones
Stiff Little Fingers
Early U2
The Velvet Underground
The Who
XTC (believe me)
The Adverts
Iggy Pop
Talking Heads
And there are so many more, I can't possibly list all the best
Go online. Look up No Thanks! The '70s Punk Rebellion. That is punk music

oh, just so you know, there are no punk bands today

by the_penguin(oh yeah) January 27, 2011
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Punk is some of the greatest music of all time in my opinion. Real punk consists of bands like Minor Threat, Civil Disobedience, Leftover Crack, Bad Brains, A Global Threat, and so much more. (Notice I didn't put the typical Ramones or Sex Pistols because 1. they're not even that great 2. they ain't got shit on most hardcore punk bands out there and 3. they're kind of overrated.) Anyone that wants to say bands like MXPX or Lagwagon (I usually call them pussy punk, but even calling them any kind of punk at all is just insulting to the real deals) are punk deserves to be shot in the back of the fucking head, seriously. Notice that bands like that have a simple band name probably with no meaning behind it and lyrics that appeal to kids 12 and under...douche bag pussies. Bands like Bad Religion and A Global Threat a great meaning behind the title as well as the lyrics that usually have to do with the fucked up society we live in today. People may tell me that punk is dead but you know what? Doesn't mean I still can't like it. AND a lot of old school punk bands are still making great music today, so FUCK YOU! =
Punk's not dead, it just smells that way.

punk music
by fyuocuk77 April 2, 2011
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MCR = Punk AND Emo
Old Greenday = Punk

Avril Lavigne = NOT PUNK!

I AM a punk. Yeah, I'm sitting here telling you this because I feel like it. This is our music. You outsiders who're trying to tell us what we are can go **** yourselves.

Listening to our music doesn't MAKE you a punk. It just supports it. It's mostly about the music. It's not All about the music. It's not all about the appearance.
Punk isn't just a look. Its a state of mind.

Fake Punk: I listen to punk music, so I'm like a punk now!
Real Punk: NO.
Fake Punk: Prove it!
Real Punk: Can you touch your elbow to your nose?
Fake Punk: Yeah! *does it* so I'm a punk now?
Real Punk: No, you're double-jointed.
by *_*_*_*_*_* November 27, 2007
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