Kick ass super hero who was played by Linda Carter in the 70's. She has an invisible jet and lasso of truth. She Kicks ass.
by Wonder Woman February 29, 2004
The hottest superheroine EVER.
Comic Book Nerd 1: Supergirl is really hot

Comic Book Nerd 2: Yeah she is, but Wonder Woman is way hotter
by JJLinconRyne August 18, 2009
An Amazon warrior princess who was created for the DC comics, but appears in shows like the Super Friends and the Justice League.
Wonder Woman: (to an unimpressed John Stewart) We Amazons are warriors! Want to try me? (prepares to fight)
by DanMat6288 May 24, 2005
a type of fart torture
its when you stand in front of a door in a room and lock all the windows n fart and spin
like the move wonder woman does.
billy: locks the windows
billy: *evil smile* *stands near the door*
billy: *farts and starts to spin*
chad: ahhh Dx!
billy: *pulled a the wonder woman*

by wee396 April 6, 2009
verb transitive, to dress up like Linda Carter in the famed wonder woman television series sporting a golden lariat and tie ones partner up forcing him to tell the truth and having sex with him.

noun, the act of dressing up like Linda Carter in teh famed wonder woman televisino series sporting a golden lariat and tieing ones partner up forcing him to tell the truth and having sex with him.
Hey Gladice, I wonder womaned jimmy last night.

No way Sylvia, why? I thought you didn't like jimmy.

Some lady paid me 500 bucks.

Is that the going rate for the wonder woman these days.
by nick April 30, 2005
Wonder Woman: (verb)- When a woman suspects her man isn't telling the truth, she ties him to a chair. She tells him that he is now bound with the Lasso of Truth, and to activate it she must now beat the shit out of him till he tells her the truth.
Damn man, my girl went all Wonder Woman on my ass; asking me if I ever fucked her sister!
by anakin007 May 18, 2008