Adjective describing something incredibly long, wide or generally large; above average size.
Kent Murphy hits womp homeruns
My dick is womp
Who's ass is more womp, Carla or Bridget?
by Jorls2 April 28, 2018
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Pewdiepie misspelling womb after making fun of people misspelling Luigi's bored, pregnenant and master bathe on yahoo answers
Q: "What age do you think is okay to start yelling at a child?"

A: "straight outta the womp baby. show that baby whgos is contorl"
by queltalebano October 18, 2019
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Another word for a electronic cigarette or a vaporizer. Can be used to misdirect uninformed people to not know what you’re referring to.
Ay yo Jerry, throw the womp, let me hit that.
via giphy
by YaBoyGreg October 28, 2019
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the art of smoking anything that creates smoke very hard and long. ex; bongs, vapes, blunts, etc...
" just womped the bong, I couldn't stop coughing."
"dude if you don't womp it you're a puss"
by xyfite January 14, 2019
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