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A huge piece of shit. A completely and utterly worthless individual. Taken from the move The Rock when Sean Connery's character says, "Womack, why am I not surprised you piece of shit!"
"Bobby, why did you steal my beer? You're such a piece of shit. That was a huge Womack move."

"Bobby missed the last shot. Classic Womack."
by Scooter__McGavin February 04, 2013
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Womack is a word used for amazing.
It can also be used in the form of any good adjective.
"Dude, that chick I banged last night was totally Womack."
by Hekulatro! October 07, 2008
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In the words of the most unvenerable Womack herself, "Womack need chok-o-lit-num-nums! Womack will eat your first born baby!!!" we see that Womack is not a kind and loving, and caring, and misunderstood person, she is a New Holstein COW with four stomachs and an insatiable appetite for twinkies, and, nay, all Hostess products. If you value your foodstuffs and wish to eat them yourself, keep it away from Womack, for she has the sixth sense, ChocoVision. The wild Womack digests her food by chewwing, swallowing, and regurgitating it as cud, and then repeating this two times until it reaches the third stomach, where all lipids and fats are pulled out of the food to be stored directly in the fatty deposits of the Womack located on the posterior end of the animal.
"Moooooo" Womack grazing call.
"Bow to your God, ISHTAR!!!" Womack angry grunt.
"So hungry, it's... been... 3 minutes... since... last... FEEDING...SO HUNGRY!!!" Womack, 3 minutes since last feeding.
by the_milkman November 07, 2006
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a seriously misuderstud girl who is involved in a vicious cycle of hate.
someone who everyone is mean to and people need to learn how to stop being mean
womack is understood
womack is nice
she is neat
by Crivitz Highschool student October 13, 2006
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