Today's hottest religion. Joining it allows simple-minded people to pride themselves on believing they are more enlightened than, more compassionate than, and morally superior to, most of their fellow human beings.
Hey, wokeism is morphing into authoritarianism! Let's all sit back and watch!
by dsmj April 24, 2021
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The state of an individual being so "self aware" and "socially aware", that the they become completely oblivious to the issue, intention, or objective at hand.
Preaching about the impacts of social media to an individual or society, over social media, is a prime example of wokeism.
by pseudokilla February 15, 2021
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A new religion based on intersectionality and victimization
What is wokeism anyways? Let's read white fragility by Robin Diangelo and antiracism by ibram kenda
by Sexydimma April 4, 2021
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A nonexistant trigger word invented by conservative mainstream media (namely Fox News) that is designed to disparage individuals/victims/minority groups/or otherwise marginalized parties whom speak out against abusive systems of power, culturally insensitive/offensive individuals, or other forms of abuse against them. (See also another disparaging concept called: "cancel culture"... which is a disparaging rebranding of "holding people accountable for their abusive actions" the conservative media coined and uses frequently.
"I cant believe they canceled Hitler, Mao, White supremacy, the KKK, Slavery, and Human Sacrifice!" what happend to free speech???! Dang that Wokeism!" --Anti-Woke culture warrior
by hamshanks August 15, 2021
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