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The girls that go to Wohelo are not only some of the most gorgeous girls you have ever seen but are also some of the kindest girls. They are some of the best sailors, tennis players, canoers, and swimmers. At Wohelo it is gorgeous right on the beautiful Sebago Lake. The community at Wohelo is one of a kind right away it is so welcoming and fun. Their brother camp Timanous is also a well-known boys camp but their boys are nowhere as hot as the girls at Wohelo. Arcadia, Wohelo's rival likes to nickname them the Wo-Hoes when really the Arcadia girls are the real hoes. Almost all of the cabins at Wohelo have amazing views especially Port Cabin which always is a party.
That girl is so pretty and nice...she must go to Wohelo!
by fuckkyobitchh August 12, 2019
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A summer camp in Maine with girls that are unbelievably rude just because they are jealous their boys camp likes other girls camps more
That girl just gave me the dirtiest look

Makes sense, she goes to wohelo
by Campieeeee March 31, 2019
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