a trendy dance move popular on tiktok. there are many variations of the woah. the creator of the woah is Dejo. the move is usually imagining throwing up something and then catching it.
catch the woah.
let’s do a tiktok *woahs*
woah is woah is good *woah*
by jeffw3558 March 8, 2020
A word used to "Chopse" people, often used in Hereford, England
Woah, nice face you got there!
by Katy X May 14, 2008
What one says after an incredible incident in a game of Dungeons & Dragons.
Kid 1: You're attacking the darkness. There's an elf here.

Kid 2: WOAH~
by skeetskeetskeet April 11, 2005
What you say when you see a mad had girl and you have no clue what to say
woah...just woah like woah your hot
by mpk311 May 30, 2007
adj.1) anything that's hot, ill, dope fresh, tight, et al. Introduced by Black Rob

noun 2) short for woahday/wodie. A wodie is a friend, partner, compadre, or just a pleasurable acquiantance. This term definitely came from Juvenile... it seems to have started off as describing things as "woah", things that give off a "wow/woah" reaction then became a greeting for meeting pleasurable people "woah!" instead of "hey!", then somehow evolved into a name for those pleasurable people.
1) "anything ill you see, that shit is woah"-BLack Rob 'like woah'
2) "what's up woooahh?" "what's happenin wooahdie?"
by shockley May 22, 2003
filled with excitment, or in shock.
"WOAHHHH! hey look its ena babic!"
by robin :D May 28, 2008